Juneteenth Unisex
Juneteenth Unisex
Juneteenth Unisex
Juneteenth Unisex

Juneteenth Unisex

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In honor and celebration of the abolition of slavery in the united states.

4.3 oz 50% Cotton 25% Polyester 25% Rayon, 32 Singles


Our product is hand pressed and created in house with each order. Its safe to say no other shop in the world carries original DXLV Apparel.

Product Quality

Extensive research has gone into what feels and fits best so we could bring you the best quality product to express our brand.


Free with your buy, The DXLV Snatch and grab bag and some chill wrist wear. Cop your MERCH and get more than what you came for.

The promise

The purpose behind the DXLV brand is to bring quality merchandise to every customer at affordable prices. Years of research was put into the creation and development of the brand to ensure that each addition far surpasses expectations. Each piece is crafted in house and made to order. DXLV may be a small fish compared to some of the other apparel companies but its that fact specifically that allows the creative mind behind it all to put every ounce of passion into each order. Five years can seem like a long time to some but for DXLV were just getting started.

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